Our raffle

Our raffle

A raffle to thank you

The enormous and, somehow, unexpected success of Arm Candy in Italy suggested me to organize this raffle to thank you all. 

A thank you coming even from the US, from Katy and from all those who, just like me, were surprised by the results.

Arm Candy year follows the fundraising year of the Dempsey Center and the Dempsey Challenge so, this year, it goes from 01 October 2014 to 30 September 2015 . 
Everybody who purchased and will purchase a bracelet within 30 September will take part to our lottery. These are the prizes:
n. 3 autographed pictures (I got them signed myself in Silverstone and Le Mans, see pictures below)










n. 2 autographed posters


n. 1 Dempsey Proton team t-shirt (size L)
n. 1 Dempsey Challenge t-shirt (the winner will choose the size)
n. 1 Dempsey Challenge hat


So all the friends who helped from last October are already in, each bracelet gives one chance to win.

Morever, those who will donate 5 dollars to the Challenge will take part to the draw of one of our autographed pictures. You can donate here:

You can follow the results of our team at this link: 

Let me know what you think about this 


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